World's Coolest Commercial Real Estate Offices

World's Coolest Commercial Real Estate Offices

Recently, came out with their list of the world's coolest offices to work in for 2014. With this being their 4th annual review, the stakes were risen. With commercial real estate back up on the rise this year, it is no shock to see that some of these offices are awe-inspiring, spectacular and really just mouth dropping. Some of the winners though are obviously large headquarters, but with the amount of branding, fixtures and views added in to their offices, you will understand why they are on the list.

The part that is truly amazing is that these companies were able to create these offices without a high budget. These commercial offices are sophisticated pieces of art to work inside and outside of and are designed for future use as well. Here are the top coolest offices currently being used in the world.

  • Beats Electronics
    • Culver City, CA
    • Office Designed By: Bestor Architecture
  • Google
    • Tel Aviv
    • Office Designed By: Camenzind Evolution
  • Coca-Cola
    • London
    • Office Designed By: MoreySmith
  • Mojang
    • Stockholm
    • Office Designed By: BSK Arkitekter
  • Nasty Gal
    • Los Angeles
    • Office Designed By: Bestor Architecture
  • Superheroes
    • Amsterdam
    • Office Designed By: Simon Bush-King Architecture & Urbanism
  • Wieden+Kennedy
    • New York City
    • Office Designed By: WorkAC
  • WeWork
    • Washington D.C., Wonder Bread location
    • Office Design By: WeWork

Now that the top 8 winners have been announced, who do you think should have been on the list, who are you shocked made it, or is this list perfect the way that it is?

Where Will Our Office In Monroe Be In The Future?

Where Will Our Office In Monroe Be In The Future?

Productivity is always a top priority of every office. How to make the office infrastructure work like a well oiled machine is what every company truly looks for. Many companies now though are looking to a more lackadaisical approach to the office.

Employees have the option of working virtually or even from home when time allows it. Most companies have spread across the globe and have created a way for different employees to work with them simultaneously while not even being in the same continent. But you may want to forget about everything that you think the new Monroe Office of the future will actually look like.

Published in the Harvard Business Review, if you are looking to increase your employees worth and knowledge to the company, it may not be due to the individual employee. Chance and face to face meetings, brain storming sessions or encounters ideal improve performance. This is a big change from what people truly believe as technology technically keeps us together and integrated even when we are working remotely from the office.

From a survey that was conducted, the closeness that individuals gained from the office actually boosted their communication virtually. Of the office employees that worked near each other on a particular project, they were 20% more likely to communicate to each other about the project in a digital manner and sent approximately 4 times more emails to collaborate. In the end, the project was completed 32% faster than the other staff that were working remotely.

The great part about this study is that the Monroe office that you may be commuting to on a daily basis in the next 10-20 years may actually look very similar to the one that you are in right now. Whether it is an open office, cubicles, corner offices or any other design that you company currently has in place for you, that structure may not change. Overall, working in the same place as your co-workers and bosses will allow you to produce at a higher level than when virtual.

Monroe Commercial Leases and SNDA's

Monroe Commercial Leases and SNDA's

Whenever you are looking at relocating, moving or just signing in to leasing a Monroe Commercial property, you must obtain a Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement. Normally known to the commercial market as a SNDA, the clause enables the rights of the tenant in the building are lesser than that of the lender. In a market that has been plagued with foreclosures a few years back, this is just one of the expected requirements for new tenants to sign. 

With many people involved in the leasing process, the grant gives certain rights to tenant, whereas a loan will giver other particular rights to the lender. By signing this document, the lender is thereby stating that in the event that a foreclosure does occur, the lender will not disturb, interfere or stand in the way of the tenant during the process. The tenant must be in complete compliance of the original sign lease of the Monroe Commercial property, other wise the SNDA may be able to be voided or terminated.

As a tenant who is leasing the space, if the lender comes in to foreclosure on the property and the tenant is in the subordinate position, there is a possibility that the lease can be terminated with the tenant not able to remain in their current space. In order to avoid these issues, the tenant in this case would want the lender to have established a nondisturbance agreement as well, allowing the tenant to remain in their current space.

Overall, the SNDA is around to protect the Monroe Commercial property leaser. Although foreclosures are not as dominate in the market as they once were, they still have the potential to cause issues. With that being said though, it would be wise to have a SNDA in place when signing the lease in order to avoid any potential complications at a later date.