Should You Own Or Lease Your Monroe Office?

Should You Own Or Lease Your Monroe Office?

Leasing or owning an office is one of the most sought after questions you will hear in the Monroe Commercial Real Estate market. What most buyers find attractive if the option to own your own business real estate. Purchasing or leasing really should not be decided solely upon financial stance alone, yet should be taken to a more comprehensive decision. By owning the property, you are also making multiple risk in having your name on the title of this space. In the end, internal and external factors will play a large part in this decision.

When thinking of owning or leasing the Monroe office, these factors may play a crucial role in your decision:

  • Leasing Benefits
  • Leasing Risks
  • Ownership Benefits
  • Ownership Risks
  • Required Capital
  • Required ROI
  • Short and Long Term Business Plans
  • Employee Headcount now and in the future
  • Market Conditions short and long term
  • Income Tax
  • Financial Reporting
  • Exit Strategy

Business needs should be held with the highest of consideration as owning an office could be quite cost effective in the long run, but if you are looking at expanding then it may be detrimental to the purchase. Owning the facility that you will be working in can be quite the advantage financially long term, whereas a short term purchase may cost you more than expected. On top of that, owning will also bring about operational and risk decisions that you would not of had to make while leasing.

Do not get side swiped in to thinking that owning is an attractive alternative to leasing based on rent alone. You may be paying more due to new risk that you never experienced. In the end of it all though, you must go over all of the crucial roles we displayed prior when looking to purchase Monroe Commercial Real Estate before signing on the dotted line. This can make or break your company for the next few decades and owning a piece of property that you may not want when it is time to move can make your life a little bit more hectic. Weigh out all of the odds and see which one goes in your businesses favor.