Is Your Monroe Office Plotting To Kill You?

Is Your Monroe Office Plotting To Kill You?

The obvious answer to this question is no, the Monroe office is not plotting to kill us. But what we are talking about is more about the health issues that occur from working in an office for too long. Although we work with commercial real estate clients, we still want our clients to be happy and healthy once they have purchased their new space.

All studies will let you know that sitting at your office desk for a long period of time will be quite detrimental for your health. It is actually noted that if you sit for over six hours each day, you have a 18% more likelihood of passing away from diabetes, heart disease or even obesity. Even worse, if you are sitting for over 11 hours per day you become 40% more likely to actually have major health issues within the next three years compared to those that sit under 3 hours daily.

As of right now, on average the normal worker spends 9.3 hours sitting per day, not even including the 7.7 hours that most people sleep. In other words, we are spending approximately 17 hours of our 24 hours not standing or on our feet. Even during the 1980's to the beginning of the millennium, exercise stayed the same, but sitting from desk jobs increased 8% and the obesity rate doubled.

Now we are not saying to avoid the work place as it will make your heart unhealthy, your mind dumber and slowly kill you. What we are saying is that in 2014, the active workplace needs to be something that every Monroe Office should be participating in. Most offices will now host yoga or some form of stretching every morning or afternoon for the employees to live a happier and healthier life. You can even see standing desk in some workplaces that will allow the employees to stand while they work. Another great idea for anyone looking at moving their office and wanting plenty of space for team building activities or even a place for these new standing desk.

Here are some helpful tips to have the office work for you and not against you:

  • stand periodically through out the day
  • take a break to walk around to stretch and relax
  • chew gum to increase your energy and alertness
  • climb the stairs to where you are working
  • stretch outside of your desk with co-workers

There are no limits to how you can beat the percentages, but staying active even in your Monroe office can mean the difference between a healthy life and one filled with potential issues.