Negotiating The Office Lease with Financial Analysis

Negotiating The Office Lease with Financial Analysis

In 2014, you can find Monroe office space available just about anywhere, but in the end, great deals on that particular office lease are not found, they are negotiated. Using all of the tools to your advantage can help your bottom line while giving you the space you need to succeed and grow. There are multiple items that have an impact on how you can negotiate with your broker:

  • Total Business Size and Credit of the Tentant
  • Current Monroe Market Conditions
  • Building Placement In The Marketplace
  • Overall Timing of the Negotiations
  • Negotiation Skills of Participants
  • Tenant's Attractiveness to the Landlord and the Building

Of course this is just a few items that can have a major impact on the office lease, but quantifying the effective rental rate can make a large difference when putting your pen to paper. By seeing the potential lease agreement from the side of the landlord, it is plain to see that the effective rental rate will be the net profit from the lease.

When landlords look at their effective rental rate when making the office lease, they will look at:

  • Rental Rates In The Market: What are other companies charging?
  • Total Operating Costs: How much does it currently cost to run the building?
  • Transaction Costs: Commissions, Improvements, Free Rent

When comparing the effective rental rates, you will be able to see just what you should be paying for your office lease that will make it a win-win for both parties involved. The more that you can quantify in your negotiations the better. Knowing the bottom line for the Landlord will allow you to negotiate your Monroe Office Space that much simpler.