Open or Private Monroe Office Plan Debate

Open or Private Office Plan Debate

Who does not love a good old fashioned debate when it comes to open offices versus private offices? Monroe commercial real estate is right in the middle on this debate as many commercial buildings are featuring both types of plans as the 2014 year pushes past it's half way mark. In this debate though, there are plenty of pros and cons as to which one works the best for worth ethic and of course how the future of the office space will look. One thing that is noticeable though is that cost efficiency has taken a huge turn for the worse as Monroe offices are starting to feature less space with more employees.

With that being said though, many people have started to go against the open office space trend that has plagued the 21st century, as many corporate businesses are not enjoying the layout as much as they thought they would. In comparison to the old open vs. private office debate, many companies are looking at how the users can have a more productive space instead.

What we do know for sure though is that one space does not fit all. Although open offices may work for the Silicon Valley tech companies, that may not actually be the same for the Monroe Real Estate corporations. The other item that we do know is that change is inevitable. Trends will come and go and this open office trend may just be as big of a fad as we have seen this decade so far.

What will effect the next change though will definitely be technology. As technology becomes a bigger part of the everyday life, we can only imagine that this will play a big factor in how office spaces look in the next 10, 20 or 30 years. As of right now though, the private office is still at the top of our list, but having an open office space may continue to top the charts as must have options for future tenants. Of course, one thing you must have present when signing the lease of the open or private office space is a tenant advisor.

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