Got Signage In Your Monroe Office?

Got Signage In Your Monroe Office?

When you are working from a commercial office, having your name anywhere you can on the building can help your marketing tremendously. Just from the drive by traffic, the foot traffic and of course the marketing that the building does alone can help you out. In real estate there is always a saying of location, location, location and this is true when it comes to office signage.

Having your company name on your Monroe Office monument sign on the outside of the building is never a make or break issue for leasing the space, but it can add to the overall experience and enhance your exposure. Getting your name on the signage though can be a little tricky. At the end of the day, the signage is truly up to the owner of the building and although they may want to put your businesses name on the sign, it may not entirely be up to them.

Zoning, local government or deed restrictions may not allow the building owner the option to put up many signs on the building. In the beginning of the negotiation process though, it would be wise for the Monroe commercial real estate broker to speak with the building owner about this option. Since it is entirely up to the building owner/ landlord, you can imagine that doing this before signing the lease will be a much easier task than afterwards.

What types of signage options are available on multiple tenant office buildings?

1). Exclusive Building Signage: This allows the particular tenant the opportunity to have exclusive rights to the signage on the building and is typically used solely for those that have multiple floors leased out in that building. You can see an example of this type of signage displayed above in the BB&T building.

2). Building Signage: Signage on the building does not technically have to be at the top. Although this is normally the preferred space to give everyone ample view of the building from miles away, you can have additional signage on the side of the building or even on another structure such as the parking garage.

3).  Exclusive Monument Sign: An exclusive monument sign is a stand alone sign that will solely display the tenants name. No other business can have their name on the particular monument and this feature should be negotiated in the beginning stages of the leasing process.

4). Monument Signage: Monument signs will display tenants in the office and can have anywhere from 2-10 displayed. Of course this is not stating that there may not be more on the sign, but the typical signage will stop at 10. An example of this sign can be seen directly below.

At the end of the day, companies will make investments of this sort in order to attract customers to their office. Signage rights are a highly coveted space and is still considered an extremely effective marketing tactic for any business. To get your Monroe Office to display your businesses name though, first you need to speak with the building owner from the beginning about getting your name on the building or monument. How much you lease, the current market conditions, how long you will lease for and the current building signage situation will all play a factor in this negotiation. Although it is not a make or break item for many companies, the additional exposure and classiness that having your name on the building or the monument can create is worth the initial negotiation before signing the long term lease.