Always Negotiate Your Monroe Office Parking

Always Negotiate Your Monroe Office Parking

Whether in a downtown setting or even in a city office, parking should always be discussed. The areas of parking are typically there for the tenants, clients, visitors and customers. In many cases, commercial leases will have a designated clause that will allow you to see just how many spots you can receive based upon square footage of your office or a negotiated amount. This can be a negotiated in to your contract and should be as many cities are facing a problem where public transportation is not widely used, instead personal cars are driven daily to and from work.

The cost incurred for parking is one item that many landlords are willing to work with in order to sign a new lease. In downtown area specifically, this cost can become a little pricey as the company grows and could increase your price per square foot immensely. Suburban markets do not see as much of an issue as the business sector tends to be noticeably larger in downtown areas.

Of course, having the luxury of a covered spot is just that, a luxury and come come at a cost as well. These are all few items that may need to be discussed in the contract negotiation portion of the Monroe Office agreement and should not be taken lightly as you will need to plan for the now and the future.

Take a test drive of the parking lot as a future tenant. Obviously when you first preview the building you will be parking in the visitor lot with ample parking spaces and proximity to the building. When you are in the garage, tenant lot or wherever the tenant spots are, this may add a slight inconvenience to your office space. Although this is not normally a hot button issue when searching for your next Monroe office, it should not be passed over so easily.  

Even in some buildings, you will see the issue of too many tenants with not enough spaces. This could be due to the fact that the building owner does not have enough parking in general to take on the amount of tenants, or they are not enforcing the current rules and restrictions as set in the contracts. Spending 10 minutes on a daily basis to look for a spot that may be even further away from where you will be working can add up to additional frustration when you have signed a long term lease of 5-10 years. This should not be overlooked as it can cause unforeseen issues from day one.

Always have your Monroe Tenant Advisor look in to these issues before you sign any lease and of course negotiate the parking so you will not have any problems over the next few years. You never want to work in a great office that will cause you stress at the beginning of the work day. Parking issues may not seem like a big issue, but it can easily cause frustration for you and the entire company.