Why Your Monroe Real Estate Landlord Thinks You Won't Move

Why Your Monroe Real Estate Landlord Thinks You Won't Move

Last week we posted a blog article on commercial real estate entitled "What Monroe Office Space Factors Help Minimize Cost?" in which we spoke about how to save just a little extra of your hard earned money in the real estate process. This week we want to talk about what happens before you try to save the cost and decide to leave your current Monroe real estate location. When looking to move out of your current location though, most landlords will think that they have the advantage over another landlord looking to entice you and your business to signing with them.

Everyone, whether in a professional setting or in a personal setting, love the idea of moving and relocating, but despise the actual moving part. This may play a large part in to the "comfortable" feel that you have at your current location in comparison to up and leaving altogether. Monroe real estate is on the rise and it seems that deals are popping up all over the place as new buildings are being built almost daily to encompass businesses looking for commercial real estate and office space of all sizes. But, in order for your business to move though, you will need a very compelling reason and most tenants do not have one at the end of the day.

Top 5 Reasons Why The Landlord/ Owner Thinks You Will Not Move

1). Approximately 70% of all tenant's renew their commercial real estate lease when up for renewal

2). The lease is expiring soon and you are just now starting to talk about renewing

3). Landlords know the time, expenses and overall effort that is needed to relocate an entire business

4). You have not done the initial market research to demonstrate the other options available to you

5). You do not have a Monroe Real Estate Agent working with you to represent you and your best interests in the renewal or moving process

Landlords in Monroe know that most tenants feel comfortable and are more likely to renew than to get up and leave. With 70% of tenants renewing, it is not wonder that the landlord would not be thinking that the tenants are going to move. Of course, if you are looking to move and find a better deal for your business, contact the Monroe Commercial Expert Ryan Roark. Having a reliable real estate agent on your side can help to make the transaction that much simpler and economical for your return on investment. A Monroe Real Estate Agent is a necessity to have in order to move from one location to another, even if you are just looking at renegotiating with your current landlord.