The Pros and Cons of An Open Office Floor Plan

The Pros and Cons of An Open Office Floor Plan

You’ve got everything ready for your new office, now it’s time to decide between the privacy of cubicles or the open spaces that come with the bullpen layout. Earlier this year the New Yorker reported that 70% of offices go with an open floor plan. That being said there are numerous articles discussing that open floor plans may lead to too much collaboration. Here are some key differences between the two styles:


·         Open communication

·         Collaboration

·         No department segregation

·         No “status symbol” desk locations


·         Noise & distractions

·         Little to no privacy

·         Lack of confidentiality

·         No suitable for all personality types


·         Less distraction

·         Privacy

·         Feelings of ownership

·         Collaboration is still possible


·         Lack of a team atmosphere

·         Isolation

·         Cramped space

·         Lack of socialization


Ultimately what floor plan is best for your office depends on what your company’s work and daily responsibilities are.  Cubicles can diminish distractions but bullpen layout encourages collaboration. If you are thinking about changing your office’s current layout think about polling your employees to get their input on what would be most effective in your Monroe office. Successful companies have used both types so the decision really comes down to what will enhance and support your office workflow the best.